Gianfranco Mandola

Wedding Photographer in Cilento

capturing emotions is my favorite job

Cilento is one of the most beautiful and unknown areas in Southern Italy and its National Park is recognized by UNESCO. It extends all the way down of Salerno for over a hundred kilometres, with unspoilt beaches and sea-shaped cliffs. Its combination of history, gastronomy, and lush nature has inspired writers and directors.

Gianfranco & Zaira


Hi! We are Gianfranco and Zaira and we are wedding photographers. We tell stories, your story. That's what we most love: capturing genuine smiles, hugs and authentic emotions. It's not just work for us, it's real passion.

Capturing every detail, seizing every moment.

because every story is worth telling


Seizing the moment. Wedding photographers are often too intrusive, putting the emotion of the most beautiful moments at serious risk. That’s why I act discreetly and out of sight but empathetically at the same time. In so doing, I manage to capture every single moment of joy by taking a photo. Posing photos are beautiful, perfect and often necessary. Nevertheless, only a reportage photo will be able to take you back to those emotions to make them truly unforgettable.


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