Gianfranco Mandola


What I like the most is shooting. A few years ago I decided to turn this inner urge into my job. Since then, a long training period has started. I have been studying and working hard and attending workshops with the best photographers in the sector.

After some time I was lucky enough to meet on my professional path a wedding photographer, Zaira. We fell in love and thus, we decided to combine our common skills to offer you a top service. Reportage photography benefits from multiple points of view. It is as if we were the same photographer in two places at the same time. That’s a nice perk.

Our philosophy is: seizing the moment. Wedding photographers are often too intrusive, putting the emotion of the most beautiful moments at serious risk. That’s why we act discreetly and out of sight but empathetically at the same time. In so doing, we manage to capture every single moment of joy by taking a photo. Posing photos are beautiful, perfect and often necessary. Nevertheless, only a reportage photo will be able to take you back to those emotions to make them truly unforgettable.


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